Marijuana plants and a trailer full of growing equipment have been seized from a house in Waipukurau after a police raid yesterday morning.

It's not known how many plants were seized, or their value, or whether it was a large-scale growing operation.

A female occupant of the house had been detained and was currently helping police with their enquiries, said Sergeant Greg Simmons, from Hawke's Bay Police's Public Safety Team.

"At about 10.30am yesterday morning, police arrived at a Waipukurau address so as to execute a search warrant issued in relation to alleged cannabis cultivation," Simmons said.


"As you will see we've seized a lot of gear. We have also seized a number of plants which police believe are obviously cannabis and we are making enquiries with a female occupant of this address and her knowledge of it."

About seven officers were seen loading bags of fertiliser, light fittings, electrical cords, ventilation ducting, a fan and other items into a trailer before it was removed from the house just after midday.

Police refused to reveal how many plants were seized, or their value, but the amount of equipment seized and comments from witnesses suggests the alleged growing operation was fairly sophisticated.

Simmons said the plants seized were of "varying maturity."

"We had a number of plants that were well through their growth cycle and, from my experience, close to being cultivated."

He said the woman had been detained "pursuant to the search warrant".

"She is currently helping police with our enquiries."

Simmons said the trailer load of items would be destroyed.


A Tavistock Rd resident who watched the raid unfold, said at least a dozen plants - probably more - were removed from the Tavistock Rd property by police.

"I counted 12 plants but then I got distracted. After that, they were bringing them out in dribs and drabs, and they were good-sized plants too."

He said the equipment seized included "hyrdoponic gear, fans, heaters - the whole bloody lot!"