Dannevirke's Wai Splash pool complex is a great facility and people should use it more, Brian Beale, chairman of the Tararua Community Aquatic Trust, says.

"It's ticking along very well and overall usage is good, but it's a matter of educating people to use it," he said.

"This facility for a place the size of Dannevirke, is extremely good."

This week the arrival of the large inflatable toy in the main pool was an attraction for the older children, while toddlers were splashing about in their smaller pools.


And it seems the reputation as a great place to spend some school holiday time is spreading beyond Dannevirke's boundaries, with a family from Takapau making the most of the complex on Tuesday afternoon.

However, it hadn't been all plain sailing for the family.

"We forgot our togs bag and didn't realise until we'd left the 50km area of Takapau," mum said.

"The boys are without their towels and I had to go to a secondhand shop in Dannevirke to buy my daughter some togs."

As the boys shivered after leaving the pool complex, their mum said she'd forgotten how cold it could be in Dannevirke.

Six new trustees were appointed to the aquatic trust recently, looking to take a keen, fresh look at the facility.

In a report to the Tararua District Council, manager of district development and strategy Peter Wimsett said the trust's finances had held up during the year with cost minimisation.