We'll possibly never know, but our first Prime Ministerial mum-to-be must surely be miffed that we aren't all clamouring all over the internet or pawing the glossies as we await the arrival of Ardern Junior, or is that Gayford Junior?

It may even be that as we write the new arrival has arrived, a gemini just avoiding becoming a cancerian, and perhaps sharing the birthday of Paul McCartney, along with Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

If it's today, coochy-coo could share the birthday with Boris Johnson.

In the meantime, coochy-coo is at best only sharing the limelight with hirsute "Uncle" Winston Peters who in one media conference was photographed with a grin of record-breaking proportion, even for the man himself, but to such effect that it looked as if his head had been photoshopped on to another body, which, conveniently, also wore a suit.


By early last night Baby A (or G) was more than two days into the countdown to when mummy is apparently due back on the job, the date six weeks hence which is already looming as of much greater moment for the nation given what does seem a lack of clamour — no one's queuing for the first glimpse, and the celebrity birthing units of the nation are apparently devoid of any papa or mama razzi.

Thus, it (and it it shall remain till we know otherwise), runs the risk of arriving in the shadow of such other events as another All Blacks win, an upset at the football World Cup in Russia, or man-for-the-moment Winston finding yet another opportunity.

On the basis of that alone, the public yawn as the the deputy/acting PM and perhaps one or two other opportunists delve for topics on which we may all drool may be all the inducement the actual PM really needs.

Bring it on, baby!