Signposts - whether pointing to parking spots or places to park up at the pub or the beach - are lacking, district councillors have been told.

Aad Bloom, co-owner of the Herbertville hotel, the Beach Haven Inn, wants better signage because he believes he is losing customers.

"I have regular customers who can't even find it," he said. "Herbertville is very badly signposted and I've been told of people meeting at the Wimbledon Hotel, with the intent of coming to Herbertville, but because of the lack of signs, they carry on to Porangahau."

Suresh Patel of the Dannevirke Chamber of Commerce said his group wanted more parking signs for Dannevirke because, although the town had good car parking in Allardice and Denmark streets, along with the Town Hall carpark and in Ward St, signage was poor.


"We have 8000 vehicles travelling through our town and Dannevirke is a great place to stop and dine and there are always major spin-offs for other businesses," he said.

"I get comments that people like to stop, but can't get a carpark. Our signage is poor. Car parking is at a premium, so signage is vital."

Suresh said his organisation was mindful parking would need to be regulated.

When asked by district councillor Ernie Christison if the Chamber of Commerce intended to put some money up for signs, Suresh said "no".

"That's why we are here [at the district council meeting]," he said. "I'm not quite sure it's our role to go putting up signs."

The Herbertville request for a tourist sign with facilities symbols for cafe/hotel/camping ground/golf course and beach and better carpark location signs for Dannevirke's main street will be included in current projects under the council's economic development banner.

Woodville's Robin Winter has also put in her own personal request for better signs for Route 52.

"We have an amazing opportunity to create and promote the alternative route, from Alfredton to Dannevirke, but we need some attractive signage," she said.


"There are a plethora of artists prepared to work with council and I'd really love to see that happen. This would be an opportunity for something special.

"We are simply the corridor between Wellington and Hawke's Bay, but there is plenty to do along the route.

"I know a lot of car clubs travel Route 52 and to open it up with more signage would be marvellous."