The news out yesterday that meth was easier to get than cannabis is disturbing to say the least.

Especially as Hawke's Bay was named as one of the places where it is "most available".

The information was gathered online anonymously with more than 6000 drug users responding. More than 50 per cent said meth was easy to get and only 14 per cent said cannabis was easy to get.

It doesn't surprise me.


I'm no expert but it's obvious that meth, also known as P, is far more addictive than cannabis and does a hell of a lot more damage.

Its use has been on the rise for years but little has been done to curb it. There have been loads of stories about the harm it's doing. Now it's rampant and still it seems no one has any idea how to stop it.

I know I have written on this subject before but I think it needs to be written about and talked about as much as possible.

Babies are being born already addicted to this foul drug. They have no choice in the matter — their mothers have already made them addicts.

Homes and businesses are burgled so addicts can pay dealers for their fix.

The dealers are the only ones getting any benefit from the entire process. They are the ones who are wrecking people's lives.

How they sleep at night I don't know — basically they are making money out of misery.

Surely they can see the fallout in the communities they are selling in. Meth sucks the life out of people and the community they live in — I guess they simply don't care.To them money means more than lives.

This needs to be addressed. We need more help for addicts and their families. I really believe that this drug is responsible for the rise in mental health problems and our shameful domestic violence record.

Personalities change when you are as high as a kite and it's those that are nearest and dearest who bear the brunt.

We have lots of caring people in our community who are trying to help these people but they also need help.

Previous governments have gone hard when it comes to helping people quit cigarette smoking. There's been lots of help offered, Quitline, patches — all sorts of things.

Tobacco does cause all sorts of health problems for those smoking and for those around them.

In September this year it will be nine years since I gave up smoking. I had lots of failures but I also had lots of support when I finally decided that I had to do it before the damage I was doing to my body was irreparable.

Of course, taking meth is entirely different to smoking tobacco. They might both be harmful to your health but tobacco doesn't alter your mind, it doesn't change your personality. On meth people do things that you would never dream of if they were "straight".

That's another thing, we now know what smoking does to us but what are the long-term effects for today's meth users?

What's going to happen to them in 20 years — if they live that long.

I know it's not the Government's job to fix everything but this meth problem needs some serious planning and it needs to come from the top.

Speaking of the Government what the heck is our Prime Minister doing investigating a sexual assault at a Labour Youth camp?

Apparently a man had too much to drink at a summer camp and now there are allegations of sexual assault.

This is a matter for the police not Jacinda Ardern— surely she has enough on her plate without taking on the job of a police officer.