A Hastings family are pleading to the public after their two golden Labradors went roaming from their lifestyle block on Friday and didn't return.

Owner John Roil said they normally went hunting for rabbits in the orchards on their property on Maraekakaho Rd, Hastings, and would always come home by night time.

He recalls letting the dogs out just before lunch time and hasn't seen them since.

They have had 10-year-old Bailey since she was a pup and Mr Roil's son, Mark Roil, has had 3-year-old Peanut since she was little.


They have checked the pound and posted the loss on Facebook, with more than 400 shares, but it has all been to no avail.

John Roil hoped somebody had picked the dogs up and was waiting until today to return them or take them to the pound.

"They're just like our kids really, they are part of the family," he said.

They were trying not to think of the worst, but were worried something sinister had happened to their dogs.

"It is a terrible thing. These Labradors have never ever growled or bitten anything in their life. They roll over and you can pat them - they have not got a bad bone in their body."

If you see Bailey and Peanut or might know where the dogs are, contact John Roil on 0274 491526.