Two people may face drink-driving convictions after being pulled over in the latest stint of police booze stops in Hawke's Bay.

Eastern District road policing manager Inspector Matt Broderick said two people pulled over on Thursday night at a booze stop at the intersection of Karamu Rd and Jervois St blew breath-alcohol readings of over 400mcg.

Readings above 400mcg can attract a maximum penalty of three months' imprisonment or a fine of $4500 and the court must order the person disqualified from holding or obtaining a driver licence for at least six months.

Inspector Broderick said another stop 20 minutes later at Farndon Rd in Clive snagged one person with a breath-alcohol reading just below 400mcg, meaning they copped 50 demerit points and an instant fine, and two forbidden drivers.


Earlier this month police expressed concerns their drink-driving messages weren't getting through to road users after the Traffic Alcohol Booze Bus had a weekend in Gisborne when 19 drivers failed the three stages of testing - passive test, screening test and evidential test.

Inspector Broderick said the handful of people caught drink-driving at booze stops were generally a small but significant number, especially considering that 30 per cent of people involved in serious or fatal crashes had consumed alcohol.

"It's still an issue for a proportion of the population but the majority are law-abiding people who don't do that sort of stuff."

Inspector Broderick urged people to consider the consequences of drink-driving.

"It's career-limiting. It's not just an 'Oh, that's unlucky', if it affects your employment.

"You may be the major wage-earner for the family and you've just lost your means of travelling backwards and forwards legally. That could lead into a spiral of driving offending.

"But the most important part is that getting caught drink-driving is not the worst that can happen to you. The worst thing that can happen to you is that you crash and die."