Work is soon to begin on a $10 million water project to support Hastings' drinking water supply - one of the largest projects in the Hastings District Council's water strategy.

The route for a new mains water pipe between Hastings and Havelock North has been finalised. Work will start after a contractor is selected this month.

The route, which runs from Sylvan Rd in Hastings to Napier Rd in Havelock North, will complement the existing water main, which runs along Havelock Rd, and provide an alternative supply to Havelock North to replace the Brookvale bore supply.

Brookvale bore 1, pinpointed as the source of the 2016 water contamination which saw 5500 Havelock North residents fall ill, has with Brookvale bore 2 been permanently closed as a result of the crisis.


Once the new main is operating, the last of the Brookvale bores will be turned off.

The $10m project is intended to build resilience, additional capacity and flexibility into the district's drinking water supply.

Mayor Sandra Hazlehurst said the mains water pipe was a vital part of the council's water strategy, which was focused on making improvements to the district's urban drinking water system.

"This is a very, very important connection that will carry water to Havelock North.

"The council will be careful to keep inconveniences to a minimum, and we must thank residents for their patience throughout this project".

Residents and business owners have been advised of the route this week and community meetings will be held once a contractor has been chosen. The wider public will be advised using traditional and online media.

Trude Weekes of Planters Nursery said she hoped the development would not affect their business or others in the area. The construction will not be on the St Georges Rd stretch where the nursery is, but nearby.

"It's hard to know. I imagine it would be, its a huge volume of traffic that comes along St Georges Rd," she said.

She hoped it would not suffer the same delays as the construction up on Te Mata Rd, "because I've seen how chaotic that's been".