More children here are being helped to recover from witnessing domestic abuse, thanks to a funding boost from Hawke's Bay Foundation.

DOVE Hawkes Bay general manager Malcolm Byfield said a $3500 grant from Hawke's Bay Foundation would be used to help implement a programme aimed at the growing need to mitigate the impacts of family violence on children.

"The demand for these programmes is increasing as the awareness of the impact of witnessing or being exposed to a violent environment grows.

"DOVE Hawkes Bay is partially funded for some of this work by the Ministry for Vulnerable Children / Oranga Tamariki, and the grant it has received from HB Foundation helps meet the balance of the total cost.


"The negative impact of family violence on children is well documented.

"They are affected not only from direct physical and psychological abuse, but also from witnessing it and just being in a household where it is occurring.

"One of the consequences of this exposure is that the children often believe it is their fault that the violence is occurring and take on the responsibility for it. As well as working with the children, DOVE Hawkes Bay staff link in and work with the children's carers.

"The work is done with individual and/or sibling groups and generally involves upwards of eight sessions."

Hawke's Bay Foundation trustee Sarah Mulcahy said DOVE Hawkes Bay was a fabulous example of one of the organisations working to enhance the chances of successful outcomes for the families of our region.

"This year DOVE received funding from the Hawke's Bay Foundation to support their work with children and young people who have witnessed family violence.

"The programme will assist these young people in dealing with the effects of family violence and ensure that they develop social skills to improve their competency for non-violent conflict resolution and in developing positive relationships."

Ms Mulcahy said Hawke's Bay was fortunate to have DOVE working in its community to build resilience in our young people when it's needed most.

"The Hawke's Bay Foundation, through the generosity of donors is proud to be able to support DOVE and similar charitable organisations with their important work within the region."