A Napier couple woke to find their belongings missing on Boxing Day morning.

The Bay View pair, who did not wish to be named, said that between the hours of midnight and 6am someone came through their back door into the living room and stole an iMac, iPad and two cellphones — one of which had the husband's last photos of his mother stored on it.

Although, they had since found the precious photos stored on the Cloud but were missing others.

The door had been unlocked, as they had someone sleeping outside and left it unlocked for her.


"The police have been very good,'' the husband said.

''We had the forensic guys coming around for fingerprints within probably an hour and that's their busy time, too, so they've been marvellous.''

The wife said they were shaken at the thought of someone coming into their home, particularly while they were sleeping in the next room.

"It was weird they took some things and left others that might have been quite valuable, so they had certain things they were looking for, I think," she said.

"There are things on there like original music that, if it's not properly backed up, we can't replace — and there are some photos that I'm hoping are backed up but we're not sure."

The couple are urging other people to be vigilant and look out for neighbours who might be away.

Since the robbery took place, they felt "more anxious about leaving the house" and had bought alarms, as well as cutting their hedges to ensure people could see anyone lurking around the house.

"This is a really safe street and we were told that there have not been any crimes here in the time that the local policeman can remember, so you can't really assume that you're safe anywhere from crime now."


A police spokeswoman said an officer had attended the property on Tuesday.

"The officer was not able to locate any forensic evidence,'' she said.

''The file remains open pending any further evidence coming to light."