Kahungunu girl Renee Kahukura-Iosefa has taken up a new role as the head of news and current affairs in Samoa.

She is the news and current affairs manager of TV1 in Samoa for both television and radio after a 10-year career with Māori Television.

"You get to a stage in your career where you need to leave to further develop and take on new challenges."

"Helping to train and lead where the need is great was one of the reason why me and family decided to make the move to Samoa and take up the post at TV1 Samoa."


"I have a team that is eager to learn and take direction, they have welcomed me into their fanau," says Kahukura-Iosefa.

It's a busy environment there where staff members take on multiple roles to get the job done "everyone works together to get the job done, I see huge potential here at TV1 Samoa.

There are a total of 35 staff members with five reporters/presenters and five cameramen a team that she overseas in her every day role.

She has three children Kahukura, Aulelei and Mirena, all under the age of 7 who get their Samoan heritage from their father Walker Iosefa.

"As family we moved to Samoa so that our children have the opportunity to learn their Samoan language and be immersed in the culture and different life experience to learn to appreciate simple things in life."

She says there are a lot of similarities between the Māori and Samoan culture "as indigenous people and people of the Pacific Ocean we are very close whānau in our whakapapa this is what connects us."

"The major difference is in Aotearoa only 3 per cent speak te reo Māori, here in Samoa everyone speaks Fa'a Samoa so the language and culture is not an issue of being lost at all."

"Samoa is a developing country so my new work environment is completely different to Māori TV," says Renee "but I have a team that is dedicated, hard-working and passionate, I just see so much potential here."

Renee received both a Canon Media Award and Kupu Ora Award for her journalism and was also a WIBN finalist in 2014 for her story the "Silent Genocide" about a Brazilian tribe fighting to keep their lands.

She began her media career in 2006 starting out at Radio Tainui before moving to Māori Television in 2007 where she joined Māori Television where she was a reporter for Te Kāea News and then Native Affairs.