School is not even out for the Christmas holidays but already throughout the Tararua training for student traffic wardens is taking place, ensuring the safe crossing of roads adjacent to schools.

Police Constable Maxine Walshe is booked up until the end of school this year, educating year 5-8 students who have volunteered to take on this very responsible role. They have to have school and parental permission.

South School had its turn for the three-day session starting Monday, November 13, and Constable Walshe has been busy training the year 5-6 students to control Hunter and Stairs Streets, while the Year 7-8s will get training to control High St by Dannevirke Honda.

The students are committing themselves no matter whether it is rainy or sunny and for that they are rewarded with a free swim at Waisplash and an iceblock, sponsored by the Dannevirke Community Board.