If it weren't for the historical nature of three previous drink driving convictions, a Norsewood man would have copped more than just a fine for this fourth offence, a court has heard.

Ross Paul Campbell Bisset, 58, was convicted of his fourth drink driving offence in the Hastings District Court yesterday and given a final warning for the offending.

The Norsewood man pleaded guilty to drink driving on State Highway 2 at about 8pm on September 30.

He was stopped in Norsewood for exceeding the 100km/h speed limit by driving at 125km/h, and a breath test revealed a reading of 962 micrograms per breath.


The legal drink drive limit is 250 micrograms.

In explanation Bisset stated "I normally go the other way so you wouldn't have caught me."

Yesterday Judge Max Courtney dealt with the matter by way of a significant fine of $2500 and a final warning; telling the man the only reason he was fined was because his previous drink driving convictions were "extremely historical"

He asked Bisset to "take heed" of his warning that the next time he was caught drink driving the sentence would be a term of imprisonment.

The court heard Bisset's three previous convictions had arisen with significant gaps in between; each dated 41, 37 and 21 years ago.

Defence lawyer Bill Calver submitted the historical nature of the offending meant his client did not have an alcohol abuse problem.

Bisset had consumed several beers at home before driving to a pub, the only nearby source of food, to have a meal, he said.

The court heard the defendant shattered bones his leg last year and was now supported by a steel pin running from his knee to his ankle.

He was unable to walk long distances or cycle so community work wasn't a viable option, Mr Calver said.

Judy Tuohy fined Bisset $2500 with an additional $130 to cover court costs.

He was also disqualified from driving for 12 months and one day, and ordered to undergo eight months' supervision and attend any directed drug or alcohol counselling sessions.

The maximum penalty for driving with excess breath alcohol for a third or subsequent time is two years' imprisonment or a fine of $6000.