The record for the heaviest sumo deadlift in a minute has a new title-holder.

Rebecca Hodge has set a new provisional world record of 2800kg for the heaviest sumo deadlift in a minute for a female, and is awaiting approval from Guinness World Records.

The record, which was set in July, will be made official in six months time.

"I would like to break my own record in the near future, this time was a bit of a practice run. I'll see how I go but if I can get up to 40 reps I'll do it again. I'd love to beat the official male record which is 4500kg. I think it is very doable as I had only been deadlifting for eight months prior to my record."


"It has been a really amazing experience, and I have learnt a lot," Ms Hodge said.

The record to beat was 1500kg, but she admits to being "disappointed" she didn't double that.

"I had done it quite a few times in training, but considering I pulled a muscle a few weeks prior to the record I was doing well to get what I got."

The deer farmer and deadlifter is a self-confessed "newbie" in the sport, doing weight training for about a year.

The 27-year-old has previously lived in Hawke's Bay for 15 years and now owns two deer farms in Norsewood and in Ongaonga, with a combined total of 60ha and 350 velvet stags.

Ms Hodge trains three times a week at Results Fitness in Havelock North, but trains with deadlifts only twice a week; once with her trainer Paul.

"We do a mixture of training but usually focus more on heavy deadlifts, then I deadlift at home by myself and focus more on high reps. My one-rep max is 137kg."

Six years ago, Ms Hodge was on the cusp of losing her farming career and being forced to settle for a desk job as shoulder and collarbone dislocations plagued her.

After a while, she decided to see a trainer and before she knew it, she was back farming.

"I'd like to thank everyone that helped make it happen, a lot of people gave their time and I am so thankful, without them I wouldn't have been able to do it."

Just this week, Ms Hodge was named as Sportsperson of the Year for powerlifting in the CHB Mail Sports Awards.