IronMaori founder Heather Skipworth says today's IronMaori Quarter has attracted about 2000 competitors. She chats to Mark Story.

IronMaori is a success story that keeps giving. Why has the uptake been so good?
The success of IronMaori comes down to the environment we provide, it is safe and non judgmental and we don't focus on any health issues that the person may have but rather what good health can do for us all. Whanaungatanga and manakitanga are also key to the success of IronMaori.

Of the people taking part this weekend, how many are from outside the region?
We have almost 2000 people participating with over half of them being from out of town.

Any celebrities in the lineup this year?
To be honest we haven't checked if any celebrities are coming but what we do know is that everyone who starts today should gain celebrity status within their own circle of whanau and friends and within the IronMaori community.


What's the biggest IronMaori myth?
That it's only for Māori.

For all those deliberating on whether to compete in the next event, what advice would you give to get them over the line?
IronMāori is a discovery of oneself, that can take you to places you never thought you could go.