A local duo who invented a modern take on the lever-press machine received two national awards after launching only two weeks ago.

The Newton Espresso maker won a silver at the prestigious Best Awards and was also named winning design in the HOME New Zealand Design Awards from Fisher & Paykel.

Kickstarter, a programme that provides people with a platform of financial support to lift creative projects off the ground, has helped Newton achieve its funding goal so production could begin.

The machine developed by Hayden Maunsell and Alan Neilson went live on its Kickstarter campaign on September 27 and took just 23 minutes for it to achieve full funding, with those who had been following the Newton's release quickly pledging their support.


Those supporters would also receive their own machine, with the Kickstarter campaign continuing through to October 26.

At the recent Kickstarter launch held in Hawke's Bay, a series of Newtons were in action and put to the test with more than 120 guests including a local barista, and the Newton Team on hand to pull espresso shots and create affogatos.

Mr Maunsell, the designer, said the event was really encouraging and they received some very positive feedback.

"This was a great way for us to launch the product and it was great to see the amount of support we had. I think we can put down our success in such a short time to social media."

What started out as a conversation about making a new coffee machine which would produce a great crema without compromising on design and the environment turned into a design project and labour of love for the pair.

Mr Maunsell sketched the idea, which was then adapted into working prototypes by engineer Mr Neilson. The pair work together at EIT and Mr Maunsell said they were a natural fit.

They called on already established principles of coffee extracting, but unlike other espresso machines the Newton creates zero waste and has no need for electricity.

The Newton offered the perfect balance between "sculptural art piece" and "domestic

Its minimalist design, considered aesthetics and pop of metallic burnt-orange colour are features that have seen it honoured in recent design awards and gave the product a point of difference.

"We wanted to create something that looked good in a multi environment but also worked well. There was a large focus on the design."

Despite the first few stages going so smoothly Mr Maunsell said this was the first time any of them had ventured out this far with regards to launching new products and it was the "great unknown".

"I have used it every day for a year and swear by it, but I am obviously a bit biased so it's nice to see people who aren't involved in the company already starting to use it too."

During the past six months the Newton team has expanded to include professional
photographers and videographers, Mr Neilson's son Josh, Steph Everson and Tara Cooney as graphic designer.

The coffee machines will go on sale via their website www.newtonespresso.co.nz later this year and the project can be currently backed on Kickstarter through to October 26.