Stefan Tupper was the lone protester at the WCO Tractor Rally last month and stands by his stance to support the order.

Mr Tupper said he knew a lot of people like him who supported the order but didn't have the power of these growers behind them to get their voice heard.

"There are two sides to the story and those at the tribunal pre hearing were mostly orchardists, horticulturalists and federated farmers who were working in their own commercial interests."

He said they chose to defer the TANK group for future scientific reports in order to stall the process of accountability.


"TANK excludes community involvement in decision making. The Environmental Protection Authority have a poor record for environmental advocacy."

Mr Tupper felt those who weren't supporting the order were inconsistent with their message of sustainability, especially those who labelled themselves as organic growers.

"I would like to speak to John Bostock as he doesn't support the order yet he says he is an organic orchardist. If scientists have said we have reached our limit for future water allocation shouldn't he be looking to be sustainable and looking to protect future investments."

He said the growers were using the campaign to protect their current investment, but thought it was "irresponsible" if they were jeopardising future sustainability.

"If the Government doesn't bring in regulations and the council remain to be confused we won't get anywhere and we need to make sure we have drinking water and healthy rivers for years to come."