After seeing an argument between a fisherman and surfer online about the rubbish left on the beach, one local has decided to take action.

Dominic Burt teamed up with the Hawke's Bay Regional Council and National Aquarium of New Zealand to create 'City to Cliffs Beach Clean Up' from 1pm today.

Mr Burt said he was inspired to do something about the state of the beaches as it was a place where his family played during the summer and was also a place he got food from all year round.

"It really was an eye opener as when you see how much rubbish there is lying about. It is not necessarily the big stuff but all the little pieces definitely add up."


Last weekend he led a Mahia beach day clean up and he said it was amazing how much stuff they picked up and collated.

At the close of day the group of about 30 had picked up trailer loads of rubbish.

Today there will be three meeting points for people to gather at with one at the aquarium along Marine Parade, one out at the Clifton Domain and the other at Clive, who happen to be having their own community clean up day at the same time.

"I guess it will just be pick up as much rubbish as you can in the time we have. The rubbish has done damage to our beaches and this is a way we can make a difference and move forward as a community."

Council have agreed to help out with the bags and after discussions the clean up day could become an annual event.

Clive have invited all helpers to their "after match" celebration at the Clive Rugby Club rooms where there will be a barbecue and refreshments.

Mr Burt encouraged people to get down to help get the Bay's beaches back to looking like they should.

The event runs from 1pm until 3pm and for more information visit: