Lawrence Yule's election party was buzzing with excitement as the former Hastings mayor became an MP last night.

Nearly 100 family, friends and supporters gathered at The Cheval Room, Hawke's Bay Racecourse, for the event which had Mr Yule ahead in Tukituki throughout the vote count.

Party-goers enjoyed catching up with food, drink and laughter in abundance within the crowded venue.

A large screen showed the live results and numerous cheers and claps were heard whenever Tukituki's results came up with Mr Yule in the lead.

Just after 10pm Mr Yule called his win in the election where he ended up 2757 votes ahead of Labour candidate Anna Lorck after all the votes were counted.


"I didn't necessarily know I'd be doing this when I came tonight although a lot of people told me I would," he said.

"This is a huge result for us and all of you.

"I just want to thank the people of Tukituki and the people of Hastings that stuck with me."

Mr Yule said he thought he would have lost about 1000 votes due to the Havelock North water crisis but knew he still had a lot of support from his years as mayor.

However, he did not expect his results to be so high and was also pleased with the support for his party.

"I'm really excited, for a party to go into a fourth term on the level of National support is pretty unprecedented.

"They stuck with National and I'm thrilled about it."

Mr Yule said he wanted to acknowledge his opposition, Labour candidate Anna Lorck, who had run a good campaign.

His wife, Kerryn, said she was pleased by the turnout of people who had worked so hard for Mr Yule over the last six months.

"They are just the's been a great journey. He will make a great MP."

Laurie Harrison, who was there to support Mr Yule, said she had known the new MP for a long time and was delighted by the result.

"He was a good candidate and we have a good government and want it to continue."
Jagjiwan Singh, a member of the Sikh Temple on Eastbourne St, said he came to the party to show his support of Mr Yule who had been very good to temple members during his time as mayor.

"I wanted him to win...he's a good person."

Mr Singh said he was enjoying the gathering and everyone had been welcoming and friendly.

An event like this united many different people in the community who supported the former mayor, he said.

"We're all means we are all one."

Amber Garrett was there with Mr Yule's son Thomas and some of his friends.

"We're pleased to be here to support Tom's dad. It's a great turnout and we've been looking forward to seeing the results."

Parveen Klair said he was at the event on behalf of the Shri Guru Ravidass Temple in Hastings which had a good relationship with Mr Yule.

"Lawrence is such a nice person, very kind and friendly."