Many new residents to Dannevirke are discovering the creativity of the art society and all it has to offer.

Last Saturday at an open day to promote the club's annual exhibition, which has its opening night on October 10, opens to the public on October 11, and runs until Sunday, October 15, new club member Patricia Gilmour was learning from experienced artist Leah Satherley.

"I've been a member for just a few months and have only been in Dannevirke for two and a half years," Ms Gilmour said.

"I like it here in Dannevirke. It's a lovely town where people are so friendly. Joining the art society has helped me make friends."

Ms Satherley was helping the newcomer come to terms with painting with oils.

"I'm giving her a little guiding hand - that's what we do here in this club," she said.

For Ms Gilmour, being part of such a supportive group has made all the difference to her life.

Murray Orchard is also looking at joining the art society. He and his wife, Marilyn, moved to Dannevirke three and half months ago from Putaruru in the Waikato.

"We were Salvation Army officers at one time in Woodville, so we've almost come full circle," Mrs Orchard said. "Dannevirke offers a lot for people of our age."


After 24 shifts of home in 49 years, she said they would carry her out of Dannevirke.

"We're very happy here ," she said. "Murray is looking to do something creative in his retirement and it's amazing to see so much talent in this room."

Tabitha Lamont was another person looking at joining the art society and long-time member Elinor Hughes said the club was attracting a number of new members.

"Our Facebook page is working well for us," she said.