In my 30 years as a journalist, I have not covered an election that has been so unpredictable.

But, then again, it is probably following a worldwide trend of unpredictable poll results worldwide in recent years. Think Brexit and Trump and, with just over a week to go, anything can happen.

What a rollercoaster it has been - from National being a shoo-in, to the Jacinda-effect propelling Labour to an unlikely advantage, to a Steven Joyce-tax hole hit bringing National back into the frame. It would take a very brave person to call this election.

Both of the major parties have their frailties, with National's leadership team missing John Key's X-factor and Labour struggling to assure middle New Zealand that it won't tax them to death.


At a local level, it has been great moderating debates between the candidates of Tukituki and Napier respectively. Tonight is the last in Hawke's Bay Today's series of debates when we go to Flaxmere to hear what the Ikaroa-Rawhiti candidates have to say.

Come to Irongate School from 6pm to 8pm to hear what they have to say.The Tukituki debate was really good with the two leading candidates, Anna Lorck of Labour and National's Lawrence Yule, bringing their A-games. This electorate race mirrors the national battle.

I went into the Napier debate on Tuesday night expecting the incumbent Labour MP Stuart Nash - a formidable debater - would come out on top, but National's David Elliott, who is not your average Tory, more than held his own.

Throw in a close race in Wairarapa and the potential is there for some upsets come September 23.