The Napier candidates' debate sparked a lot of different opinions from the crowd last night as they heard the different parties' policies and vision for Napier.

The mood among the audience was that Labour candidate and incumbent Stuart Nash spoke strongly as he voiced his points clearly and articulately.

"It is safe to say tonight hasn't changed my mind and I think National has been in for nine years now and it is time for a change, which has come through Jacinda. Whether she gets over the line or not remains to be seen," one Napier resident said.

However, others said the debate had "swung their vote".


One man said he had previously been a Labour supporter but, after hearing the candidates speak last night, had "swung" towards David Elliott.

"He spoke very well and it was an interesting debate but I do think David had some good points and he has also had some good experiences."

Other Napier residents were pleased to hear the voice of the minority parties and were intrigued to find out what they stood for.

Richard Meyers said all of the parties had good points in their own right but felt Greens candidate Damon Rusden was one of the stand outs on the night.

"I was very impressed with Damon. He was very up with it and enthusiastic about his party's policies."

Mr Meyers had studied the different parties' policies prior to the debate and was pleased there weren't too many surprises.

"I think it was pretty predictable really, which is a good thing."

A Napier woman said Mr Rusden had "zing" to him and felt he, Mr Nash and Mr Elliott were the top performers for the evening.

New Zealand Democrats for Social Credit candidate Karl Matthys also impressed audience members with one man saying he "opened his eyes" up to tax and interest.

"Karl has a lot of life experience and it is very valuable. A lot of people throw a bulk of s**t at that party but they offer interesting views and have been around a very long time. At the moment we are working for nothing."

Maori Party candidate Maryanne Marsters was also applauded for sharing some interesting points.