A local group of board game enthusiasts have taken their love of a good challenge to the next level by hosting a board game convention at the weekend.

More than 100 board games were on offer at the convention, held at Napier Boys' High School, as enthusiast group Hawke's Bay Con invited people of all ages to join the fun at A Suitcase Full of Board Games.

Event organiser Denis Biriukov said that while most people thought board games were limited to the likes of Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, and Scrabble, there were plenty of other types of games on offer.

"There's nothing wrong with these games but there's so much more to board games these days. Some people say it's the golden era of board games because there's so many new ideas and concepts for board games."


Cowboys, science fiction and space were just a few of the themed board games on offer at the weekend and Mr Biriukov said those who attended the event weren't just being entertained.

"We find that board games are teaching people things and developing certain skills.

"To me the biggest difference [between playing a board game and] playing a game on the computer is that even though it can be co-operative with other real people you still don't see them. They're not there so it's not a very socialising experience."

The board game enthusiast said he was part of a group of 30 people who gathered every Monday night at a succession of different locations to play together.

"It helps you socialise and make friends. It's just a great way to spend an evening."

It was this group who provided the library of games on offer at the weekend event.

He said the group hoped the convention would become an annual event, just as other enthusiast groups such as Wellycon in Wellington and Seriously Board in Palmerston North had done.

"It's a similar thing and myself and my friends here had been coming along to these events for years and we just thought 'why don't we do something like this in Hawke's Bay'."

Mr Biriukov said the money raised through the event's $5 door charge was put towards a Napier Boys' High School trip to Japan. He estimated they had raised $500 for the trip at the weekend convention.