While the Hawke's Bay Airport undertakes a large expansion project throughout the coming months its carparking prices will be streamlined to a standard rate of $15 per day.

Coming into effect on September 1, the pricing for the secure carpark will be reduced to align with the main carpark to alleviate parking pressure and slip a few extra dollars back into the pockets of flyers.

Hawke's Bay Airport operations manager Olivia Pierre said the new rate would be a temporary measure to free up capacity and minimise confusion and disruption during the construction of the new terminal.

"The Airport expansion is a very exciting project which will add significant value to travellers' experience to and from the Hawke's Bay region.


"It is however complex, given we will be working in a live airport environment so the logistics in co-ordinating the project will have to be carefully managed to maintain a high level of service throughout the construction process."

In order to create space for the expansion project, the rental cars parking area to the north of the airport will be relocated to the main carpark.

Ms Pierre said this would put additional pressure on the capacity of the main carpark which was already tested during peak times.

"We want to reassure the public that by moving to a common pricing structure across our car parking infrastructure there will be sufficient capacity enabling visitors to find a parking space."

The short-term imperative for the airport was to optimise the existing infrastructure and minimise disruption during the expansion project, she said.

The airport's carpark underwent significant upgrades last year that introduced an additional 140 spaces in the secure parking section.

Along with the common pricing structure of $15 per day, cars parked for longer periods of time would have to pay $15 per day for the first five days and then $10 per day thereafter.