Flaxmere has been the target of a spate of car fires over the last two weeks.

Emergency services were called to three in the early hours of this morning and had also been investigating two that occurred last week.

Police and fire crews attended a car fire on Flaxmere Ave at about 12.31am, Diaz Dr at 12.42am and Margate Ave at 2.28am.

Police are also investigating a car fire on Flaxmere Ave last Saturday believed to have been caused by a Molotov cocktail and another on the same street a few days before.


A Hastings Volunteer Fire Brigade spokesperson said all five fires are believed to be linked and are being investigated by a fire risk management officer and police.

The first fire on Flaxmere Ave this morning occurred on the side of the road and was put out by someone nearby with a garden hose by the time a Hastings fire appliance arrived, he said.

It appeared to have started in the tyre arch and had caused damage to the wheel area.

He did not have any further information on the other fires but enquiries were being made due to their nature and similar locations, the spokesperson said.

"They are all being treated as suspicious and have a similar M.O."

Another car fire on Pakowhai Rd at 7.26pm yesterday is also being investigated but it is unclear whether it is linked as it was further away in a place that has had burnt out cars before, he said.

A police spokesperson said she could confirm police were called to two fires at 12.32am on Flaxmere Ave and 12.45am on Diaz Dr.

"Police are making enquiries into both of these fires which appear to be deliberately lit.

"The cars were away from houses thankfully.

"Police were on the scene for a short time last night but are making follow up enquiries today."

There was no information available on the third fire but more would be known later today following enquiries, she said.

Police would also be investigating the Pakowhai Rd fire today in which a car was found badly burnt under a bridge.

"The car was too hot to examine at the time but a scene-of-crime officer was due to take a look today," she said.