Napier's Marine Parade viewing platform is back in full use with hopes that members of the public will report any vandalism or anti-social behaviour in the area.

The viewing end of the platform over the waves was closed for several days after one of its three super-strength glass panels was smashed.

Mayor Bill Dalton said it was the fourth time vandals had smashed the glass, which was initially installed in a single piece but later separated into three panels to minimise the cost of vandalism. He said that any repeats of the vandalism could lead to a decision not to use a see-through barrier in the future.

Council chief executive Wayne Jack said no one had been identified as a culprit for the latest damage, and said that people visiting the platform and the area needed to report any anti-social behaviour immediately to help prevent further vandalism.


The viewing platform, extending 67 metres out over the beach, opened in December 2015, built as a tourist attraction and for aesthetic reasons to obscure view of a stormwater outfall.