The presentation of the review into the contraversial Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme has been delayed by two weeks.

The Hawke's Bay Regional Council has agreed to delay the report back on the review in order to have further advice prepared.

Originally planned for 26 April, the report back will now be on 10 May.

The Council commissioned the review of the key contractual, legal, financial, economic and environmental elements of the scheme, including the impacts and consequences of implementing Plan Change 6 with and without the Scheme, as well as the implications of withdrawing from the Scheme.

Councillors have received a draft of the review report and during a workshop this week heard from a range of expert advisors, who have contributed to the review.

Council Chair Rex Graham said the regional councillors had received a large volume of advice, including more than 400 pages of reports, on many critical issues affecting the Council's decision on the scheme, and had asked for further information on some matters.

"This is a hugely important decision for our community and it is essential that we make it based on the best available advice. The Council does not believe it is in the region's best interests for the review to be rushed when we have further matters we want clarified," he said.

"The review has made good progress over the last couple of months and I am optimistic we will be in a position to make a decision on whether to or not to continue with the scheme by the end of May."

The Council plans to hold a special Council meeting at 1pm on Wednesday 10 May to formally receive the review report.


This will be followed by advice on options for responding to the review at a following Council committee meeting.

A formal decision on the future of the scheme is expected to be made at the Council meeting on 31 May.