Cricket fans were left bored, frustrated and angry as what was supposed to be an exciting game of cricket didn't have a ball bowled.

Crowds poured through the McLean Park gates for the Blackcaps v Australia ODI before 2pm to be told at 6.30pm no game was officially going to be played.

At the centre of their frustration was the lack of communication and crowd engagement.

Over this five-hour period there were little announcements about what was going on but organisers managed to keep the crowd there by giving them a little bit of hope with the last drop of rain before the game was due to start.


Australian Kristin Bayliss rushed to the game at 3pm in hopes of watching the transtasman clash.

After a number of inspections at about 4pm an announcement came over the speaker which said the match was due to start at 4.45pm with a 37-over game.

The players took to the field and began their warm-up routines.

Ms Bayliss said the crowd roared with excitement and there was a real buzz among those in the stands with families and friends all eagerly waiting.

Then after a bit more patting of the ground and disgruntled looks on the captains' faces the announcement came that the ground wasn't actually ready but there would be another inspection shortly.

"When they decided to not play at 4.45 they should of called the game off as it was clear the ground wasn't going to dry if it hadn't rained since lunchtime. I think they just kept everyone in the stadium so they would keep buying drinks and food."

The fact they kept saying there will be another inspection gave those among the crowd some form of hope to hold on to which meant they didn't leave and go home, she said.

"I had no idea what was going on after they said they would do another inspection as we heard nothing more for about an hour. I was finding out more from my live stream online rather than from the ground."

Scott Williams had also been at the game since 3pm after rushing to get there from work.

"I was just so annoyed as they kept us there for so long without informing the crowd. They said they would do a toss when it didn't even happen and they never explained why they were putting things off or what they were doing at the time."

He said they needed to include the crowd more so people weren't just sitting there bored out of their minds buying more food and drink.

Ms Bayliss agreed with Mr Williams as the only crowd engagement was a bit of music and the odd announcement.

"I think there should of been some form of games or even just throwing balls in the crowd or starting a Mexican wave as it got to the point where everyone was just irritated."

She felt the game should have been called off hours earlier because it must have been clear to officials the ground wasn't improving.

There were slow claps and boos as the day went on with more people yelling at the officials on the pitch in frustration and anger.

After a few more inspections the announcement was made at 6.30pm - no game was to be played.

Disappointed fans left the stadium having not seen a ball bowled.

"The way it was handled was terrible, they should never have made us wait that long. It was unfair on all of us when a decision could have been made hours earlier. Looking back it was clear they were never going to take the field," Mr Williams said.

"I think there needs to be a re-look at the way things are done."