Being rather passionate about food I was thrilled to secure the last seat at St George's restaurant FAWC event "Childhood Memories" at the weekend.

Before I arrived I tried to think what my childhood memories were. I remembered my mother's rice pudding, always served with peaches, bread and butter pudding and of course, mince on toast.

Saturday night brought back those memories but in a far more sophisticated way than I ever experienced at home.

No menus graced the table because head chef Francky Godinho related the story as the dishes appeared.


The first dish served was to bring back childhood memories of a boiled egg with soldiers. I have never tasted such a scrumptious crumbed egg, still with a soft flowing yoke and served with asparagus spears.

As a child I always went to the beach with my Pop for a bit of fossicking around the rocks and a spot of fishing. Bingo - out came a dish that reminded me of those special times, a scallop and a pipi sitting proudly in their shell and complemented with passionfruit gel, ginger and pops of flavour that really enhanced these beautiful shell fish.

Next to appear was a reminder of successful days fishing, a small gurnard that had not a bone in sight, sous-vide to perfection and served with a dollop of lemon foam, fennel mousse and crispy seaweed, just mouthwatering.

Francky then talked about camping as a family and this experience was reproduced on a plate with a piece of the most succulent venison I have tasted, it just melted in my mouth. Served with some crispy kale and a breadstick combined with pounded flax seeds and a sauce of venison reduction that made you want to quietly run your finger around your plate to get every last drop.

I guess we all have had a roast chicken at some time in our lives, I wish I had been born a lot later and maybe my mother would have replaced that chicken with the rice-stuffed quail that had been gently smoked on the outside fire that was served to me, just divine.

When I thought I could not be any more impressed with my meal, out came the show-stopper. To bring back the memory of a Sunday drive, stopping at the park and - if we had been good - an ice block on a stick to enjoy. Francky and his team reproduced this with a gorgeous looking creamy, chocolate-coated ice block with a splash of bright orange, complete with chocolate leaves and bark ... the minute I took a spoonful; a soft chocolate mousse was revealed. Heaven on a stick.

I will be one of the first to book for next year's FAWC event at St Georges Restaurant.

I certainly don't want to miss such amazing the meanwhile I will have a chat to my mother about my childhood food memories. I don't remember any venison or quail ... I think I was shortchanged!