Hairdressing identity Milton Andrews is the new Havelock North Business Association president.
He says the association is a "living, breathing organism".

You mentioned there were so many "moving parts" in your role as president - how do you handle this?
By surrounding myself by an epic executive team who are like minded and have a passion to see the Havelock North village thrive.

How many hours a day do you spend on your president's role?
Some days very little then other days 4-6 hours. It's a living, breathing organism that constantly changes because it's all about the people not only business.

You've been working in the village for many years now, what's the biggest change you've seen on the retail scene there?
The village is an exciting thriving safe place that families want to spend time together in.


If there's three priority fixes in the village's business community - what are they?
Parking, upgrading of the village green and business growth.

Is the water crisis still being felt? If so, how do businesses move on from it?
It's like one of those scars that heal.
You know it happened but we've moved on and we are stronger from the experience .
As the president of Havelock North retailers association and a person who
lives and shops in the village I'm looking forward to a full and transparent report on what went wrong and how the Hastings District Council is guaranteeing us it won't happen again.