Recruitment agencies around Hawke's Bay believe there is a much more active employment market, as the employment rate for the region rises.

Owner and recruiter at Red Consulting Group, Rachel Cornwall, said it has been very healthy, as more people are moving to the region for work.

"More roles are being created as businesses are relocating here, which is providing more opportunities for people," Ms Cornwall said.

Pipeline Recruitment director, Ian Beattie, said they have had consistent activity over the last few months with regard to permanent and full time placements.


"We have been strong across the board and I think Hawke's Bay has had a major upsurge of job seekers."

Tradestaff general manager, William Parcell, and Mr Beattie both had noticed a rise in the number of young people getting jobs in the region.

Mr Beattie said previously there were more people in their late 30s and 40s coming to them but lately there have been more in their late 20s and early 30s.

"It has to do with the lower house prices, as people come back from overseas and cannot afford to live in places like Auckland so they seek to the provinces. We are a desirable place to live, work and build."

Mr Parcell said there was huge migration from the north to the Bay with regards to the young.

"The region is strapped for good skilled staff so they have lowered their expectations and are hiring people who have a good mind-set, as they know they can train their skill set. This means the young get opportunities they would not have got in the past."

Hawke's Bay Chamber of Commerce, Wayne Walford, said businesses were more confident to look for staff so more opportunities were becoming available.

"Plenty of people are employing due to virtual wealth... if there is more money moving then there are more people hiring."

Mr Walford agreed with the agencies that more people are bringing their businesses to Hawke's Bay.

"An example is Progressive Meats who have relocated to Hastings from Gisborne. Businesses are growing and we are very much open for business."

Mr Beattie said there had been a range of sectors doing well, as accounting and financial positions were particularly strong but they had also handled a number of senior roles as well as general admin, engineering and IT.

Ms Cornwall said the primary sector had been very strong.

"There is excellent opportunities in red meat and pip fruit but also money in infrastructure, utility support and the manufacturing market."

Mr Parcell said they had noticed a construction boom in the Bay, with a lot of opportunities for builders, hammer hands, plumbers, electricians and other key traders.

According to Statistics New Zealand the current employment rate for the Hawke's Bay Gisborne area has increased from 61.5 per cent to 63 per cent this year while the current unemployment rate has decreased from 6.9 per cent to 6.5 per cent this year.