Robin Jones never expected Donald Trump to get this far - even though she is an avid fan.

The American born, Napier resident made sure she cast her vote for Trump and the Republican Party that she loved so dearly.

She was shouting from the rooftops tonight.

Ms Jones moved to New Zealand 23 years ago from Oregon and is a true Republican supporter "through and through".


She firmly believed Trump was the better choice than Hillary Clinton.

"He will make America a better place," she said.

"He is a businessman who will focus on getting our economy back on track and out of the country's financial problems."

Ms Jones believed the Republicans were looking at how "people can run the government rather than the government running the people".

She realised many New Zealanders did not share her view. She had bumped in to only two others who shared her support for Trump.

"I don't let it get to me, everyone has their own opinion," she said.

As the results were unfolding, Terry Kelly said just the thought of Trump being elected worried him.

"I am mostly interested in what they do for the future of Americans in other countries. Trump worries me in that sense and I am a bit afraid of it."

He moved from Colorado 21 years ago.

He said America was well overdue to have a woman president even if Clinton had "baggage".

"I think people do and say things based on their underlying values. What Trump says ... he does not have the principles and values to lead the country."

Hawke's Bay resident Jane Sainsbury was in Arkansas during the election.

"It seems quite a few people have voted a different party for the first time in their lives but everyone is very tired of this campaign."

She moved from Kansas City 19 years ago.

She said change was the important issue in this election but a lot of people were concerned about having the right candidate to deliver that promise.