Winston Peters will be making an announcement of direct interest to Hawke's Bay citizens during a visit to the region on Sunday.

The New Zealand First leader will be speaking at a free public meeting to be held at 1.30pm at Bev Ridges on York (formerly the Tamatea Hotel).

NZ First secretary for the Napier electorate, Will Jenkins said he believed New Zealand First would see a significant lift in the party vote this coming election and was very likely to win more seats in addition to Northland.

"The party has made it very clear it cares deeply about provincial and rural New Zealand and will work hard to see them gain their share of development and opportunity," Mr Jenkins said.


The recently released policy to relocate government departments to the regions is one example.

In addition, the party has developed a platform that encourages education to be treated as an investment and has promised 1800 extra police nationwide.

"These and other policy's currently under development will ensure cities such as Napier and Hastings receive specific attention from central Government and not just the main centres", Mr Jenkins said.

Following Mr Peter's speech, there will be time set aside for questions and answers.

All members of the public are warmly invited to attend.