Former Hawke's Bay designer Annah Stretton has announced the launch of her latest book titled



While better known as one of New Zealand's most enduring fashion designers, manufacturers and retailers, Annah is no stranger to the role of author and publisher. Flourish will take Annah's book tally up to six on top of the steady stream of blogposts published via her Unlimited website.

Part coffee table book and part 'how to' guide, the book is a carefully curated collection of beautiful images, quotes and pearls of wisdom from a league of extraordinary women - "high profile women at the top of their field alongside everyday New Zealanders that have reinvented their lives and ended up in a space where they are living a life they love".


"Over the last 25 years, I have made thousands of connections with all sorts of women from all sorts of demographics," she said.

"Some have been employees, some have been women I have mentored, and others have simply been women I've shared a conversation with. Yet, despite their diversity, many seemed to have one thing in common - living lives that didn't quite make them feel alive or fulfilled."

Annah works with a group called Reclaim Another Woman (RAW) which provides 360 degree wrap around support to recidivist women offenders who have been unable to re-integrate into society.

"My work with RAW has enabled me to gain a newfound understanding of other's daily 'normals.'

"Until making this connection I pretty much assumed that most people had the opportunities and the mind-set that I enjoy each day, it was simply how we all chose to use them.

"I now know through RAW, this is not the case - it is these insights that I have drawn upon and share in Flourish.

"If I can encourage even one woman to begin moving towards a life that she truly loves then it will have been worth it."

Flourish will go on sale on November 10.