Six people have been apprehended and now face charges of possession of drugs for supply after being caught throwing contraband over the wire at Hawke's Bay Regional Prison.

George Massingham, Prison Director HBRP. said "We place considerable emphasis on preventing any contraband, including drugs, from entering prison, apprehending those who attempt to smuggle it in, and stamping out opportunities for organised crime within prison and between prison and the community."

"As prisoners find new ways of smuggling drugs, we find new ways to detect it," he said. "You'd be surprised at some of the creative ways that people attempt to smuggle drugs in."

"Concealment in vehicles, products, internal concealment on an offender's body, in mail and property, items thrown over fences or smuggled by prisoners' visitors. I've seen it all."

The detector dog team have an excellent detection rate when it comes to contraband, particularly drugs and are an integral part of the team at HBRP, preventing contraband from getting into the confines of the prison.

"Contraband of all sorts, drugs in particular, are very dangerous in a prison environment," says George. "The work of the detector dog team, our custodial staff, and Police makes a very real difference in place to stop contraband being smuggled in."