Russell Park's new skate facility is taking shape and ready for the next stage of construction, says a council official.

CHB District Council utilities officer Tony Maseman says the base of the skate bowl in Russell Park has been prepared for the next step.

The project is a week behind schedule because of the recent bad weather, but that is a minor matter in a timeframe that stretches back six years, Mr Maseman says.

"District councillor Kelly Annand and I have been working towards this for a long time, we've had a lot of people on board and there has been a lot of positive feelings from the kids about the venture."


There will be landscaping to do, and the footpath that was removed to allow for the work will be replaced, but Mr Maseman says the skate facility will be open before the Christmas holidays.

Car parks to be developed at the end of the soccer fields will be linked to the skate park with a pathway that will incorporate street skating elements, he says.

Lighting is planned for safety and security, but for now the focus is on getting the skate park up and running.

More than 100 young people in Central Hawke's Bay were consulted about the new facility, including getting feedback from a skating competition held in Waipawa last October, and there have been bus trips to other rural towns to get an idea of what was available.

What has resulted is a park that's 50m long, and up to 14m wide, containing a 2.5m bowl.

For local skaters the development will mean not having to travel so far and offer the ability to host more competitions in the district. The park is designed to be suitable for skaters, scooter riders and BMX bikes.

The facility is part of the CHB District Council's long-term development plans for Russell Park that include a multi-sport turf organised and funded through the CHB Community Trust, paths linking the Rotary pathway to the park, upgraded fields, improved parking, toilet upgrade, improved lighting, barbecue and picnic area.