A wealth of information was shared at the first field trip organised by the Hawke's Bay Young Viticulturist Committee yesterday.

National logistics co-ordinator for Bayer New Zealand, viticulturist Andrew McNeil said this was the first of its kind from a viticulture perspective and they aimed to provide a platform where current, experienced or new viticulturists could share wealth, knowledge, experience, science and innovation.

"We can share information with leaders, managers and people who are genuinely engaged in the industry and then spread it to different sectors."

The field trip yesterday kicked off the programme and 16 eager viticulturists attended.


"Hawke's Bay has pulled off three National Young Viticulturist wins in a row with Cameron Price taking out the title this year and they were all among the 16."

The group looked at the various stages of the water channels, storage and frost systems for Glazebrook and Constellation's Te Tua vineyard.

"Mike Glazebrook, the owner of Te Tua station, spoke to us about the future use of water from the Ngaruroro River with it being considered for world heritage status."

Mr McNeil said Mr Glazebrook's water farm was well-known in the community and a lot of people depend on it, yet few know it exists.

"Mike said they wanted to increase the volume of the dam so more people could benefit from the storage if limitations occur, such as summer droughts."

Mr McNeil said the field trip was an example of information being shared among different but relatable sectors.

"We want to create education-focused events, which hopefully happen across wine-making regions so the information can be disseminated with a wider range of people."

The committee hoped to hold two or three a year so everyone can network with peers, as well as learn from various people and businesses around the country.