Pandora Pond will become the owner of Hawke's Bay's first ever inflatable playground next Friday.

"Splash 'n' Play" is being introduced by the Napier City Council with support of the Napier Port as part of the council's master plan proposed for Pandora Pond.

The new aquatic attraction features a trampoline, a climbing and jumping tower, and a balance beam, which connects it all together.

It is designed for all ages so whether you're an energetic teenager or an enthusiastic parent you can expect to get a "lot of fun and enjoyment" out of it together.


Napier City Council CEO, Wayne Jack, said the new water feature was very exciting and would provide people with a lot of fun and entertainment at no cost.

"At the moment kids are jumping off wharves and bridges, which is not particularly safe. We will provide a new and exciting aquatic playground for them to use in a safe way, with qualified lifeguards rostered on during busy times as an added safety measure."

A well known Germany-based company, Wibit, created the aquatic playground and have done many like this one around the world.

Lifeguards will be based at the playground from 3pm-7pm on weekdays and 9am-7pm on weekends.

There will also be signs in place explaining the safety rules and users are required to be confident swimmers.

The council will begin installing the playground next week before it is opened to the public at 9am on Friday October 21st.

The water attraction will stay in Pandora Pond over the summer months and will only be removed when winter makes its sharp return.