It was always going to be tough standing against a mayor with 15 years of experience.

However Hastings councillor Adrienne Pierce said it was still a worthwhile experience.

The one-term councillor was unsuccessful in her bid to knock mayor Lawrence Yule from the seat.

She was the lowest polling mayoral candidate receiving 4480 votes however retained her seat at the council table.


Mr Yule who has just won his sixth term in the role received 10,458 votes while Hastings lawyer Guy Wellwood got 7280.

"I congratulate Lawrence."

Ms Pierce said she felt it was time for change but clearly constituents did not.

When asked what was on the council agenda for the next term she responded: "Lawrence has set objectives so no doubt we'll be looking to go in that direction."

Ms Pierce was surprised fellow councillor Wayne Bradshaw did not make it back on to the council.

He is like the "canary in the mine" and puts pressure on when he smells something financially wrong.

Both Pierce and Bradshaw were outspoken about their council's response to the water crisis.

The other mayoral candidate, Wellwood was a mixed bag of emotions on hearing he fell short of winning the mayoral race.

"I am a bit weary and disappointed, but in one way I am relieved," Mr Wellwood said.

"I had no pre-conceived idea and didn't know what to expect."

Mr Wellwood understood there was a big group of people who didn't know him but hoped they had attempted to before making a decision on who to vote for.

"I hoped to get more votes than Lawrence but obviously that was not to be. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole campaign and wish Lawrence well."

Mr Wellwood said it was a great experience and one that he does not regret at all.

He was surprised at some of the regional council results and that more "anti-dam" people had been successful in the election.

It was always the plan to continue with law if everything didn't work out in his favour and was keen to get back to the office on Monday.