New Central Hawke's Bay mayor Alex Walker believes voters have indicated they wanted a fresh direction from their council, but she has acknowledged the work outgoing councillors have done.

Ms Walker has stormed to victory with 3,196 votes, ahead of fellow candidate Mrs Butler with 1,475 and Gerard Pain, with 604 in the progress results so far.

She said she had no idea what the result was going to be, although she knew she had support.

"You get a distorted view of reality though when you are surrounded by people you know - it's the people you don't know that are the important ones.


"It's very exciting, and it's very clear what the community wants and that it needs a fresh direction, skills and perspectives."

She said it was a credit to the community that there was such a strong turnout in voters, CHB recording a 57.29 per cent return rate.

"People have really come on board the journey, and listened and trusted that a group of new people can provide the direction they want."

The mayoral result was reflected in the overall council result, with four new faces at this point in the Aramoana-Ruahine ward, and two in the Ruahine ward.

"A number of candidates stood for a similar reason, for a fresh direction, and this has obviously resonated."

As for the outgoing incumbent councillors, she said it was important to remember and value the work they had done and the contribution they made.

"As a new person coming in, I take the responsibility of continuing that work very seriously."

With 98 per cent of the votes in, the councillors elected are incumbents Ian Sharp and Kelly Annand, along with newcomers Tim Chote, Gerard Minehan, Tim Aitken, David Tennent, Brent Muggeridge and Shelley Burne-Field.