Successful first time Hastings District Council candidate Damon Harvey is "so stoked" to have been elected a councillor.

He said he was nervous today until provisional results were announced, giving him a comfortable margin.

"It is just the unknown- there is no control of it and there are no progress updates," the Sport Hawke's Bay chairman said.

While he is a first-time candidate he is not short of experience. He has helped his wife Anna Lorck in her bid for the Tukituki electorate in the parliamentary elections.


Both are founders of Attn Marketing in Havelock North, which has managed several campaigns for other people.

He said the company won't suffer thanks to his role as councillor.

"One of the biggest issues with people that run for council is you are either semi-retired, retired or you are able to have flexibility within your work.

"A lot of people weigh up running but they are employed or don't have that flexibility.
"I'm fortunate that I have a job with flexibility.

"I don't see my commitments changing with my business - I am going to continue to do what I am doing now."

He hopes to limit the number of terms for sitting councillors to three, keeping the district moving forward with fresh ideas.

He was "rapt" to be the highest-polling new candidate.

"I want some other new candidates next time around."

He is celebrating his victory this afternoon at the Common Room in Hastings with friends and supporters.