The end might be in sight for derelict sites, buildings and vehicles as part of a review of the Tararua District Council's district plan. Considered to be eyesores and detracting from amenity values, Tararua District mayor Roly Ellis said that after six years of seeing burnt-out cars and derelict houses, he was pleased action was being taken. Changes to the district plan will be put out for public consultation.

Animal control officer:
Elaine Vermeer has been appointed as animal control officer for the Tararua District Council, being selected ahead of 34 other applicants. The appointment of a third officer to the animal control team was necessary because of increasing calls to council, chief executive Blair King said.

Thanks councillors:
Tararua District Council's chief executive Blair King says the willingness of councillors to discuss areas of improvement, potential construction programmes, as well as representing council at events, has led to Tararua having a better project management framework in place and improved delivery of council's capital and renewal programmes.