Former two-time Palmerston North mayoral candidate Grant Seton is running for a seat on the Hawke's Bay District Health Board.

Mr Seton moved to Hawke's Bay to look after his elderly mother and said he has extensive private and public sector experience.

The IT worker is a former student of Napier Boys' High School but received much of his education in Palmerston North.

When asked what governance experience he said: "I haven't sat on too many boards though I have tried to stand for council-type roles before, nothing in Hawke's Bay though."


He said he was prepared to ask the tough questions "and try and get that information out to the public if it is being somewhat sat on".

"I am about being transparent to the public.

"It is fortunate for me that right through my career I have had both public and private sector roles.

"Some of the private-sector roles have been to make sure the public sector do their things well.

"So I sort of know where each of the sectors could do their best work and if they get too big in either of their areas they fall over."

He ran for a seat on the Palmerston North City Council in 2007, for the Palmerston North seat in the 2008 parliamentary elections as an independent candidate and for Palmerston North mayor in 2010.

In 2011 he stood as an independent in the Rangitikei parliamentary election and in 2013 he again stood for Palmerston North mayor.

"I feel I am born for these sort of roles - I'm giving it a go - and I can offer quite a lot.

"I think I can offer quite a lot: I think I am a good listener.

"I can speak when necessary, I can get under the hoof of where we are maybe not getting as much information out of our system - how the Health Board is doing, where are we at, why we are weak in these areas when other health boards are strong.

"Trying to work out what we are good at and what we are not good at and trying to work out why."

-Candidates answer questions - Insight p14-17