Business owners and residents came together today to bust the "negative myths" of water quality in Havelock North.

People from around the village gathered at the fountain this afternoon for a photo which would be uploaded on social media and sent around the world.

The group toasted a cup whilst saying cheers to the now clean water they were drinking, in the heart of the village.

Havelock North Business Association managing director Aimee Stewart said they just wanted to show everyone that the water was okay to drink.


"We want to put an end to the rumours swirling around and we would love to see everyone back and enjoying the village."

Kathryn Ryan owner of St Georges Restaurant said the business had been slow since the gastro outbreak and her family had come down today to show support.

"I just want to show people that it is safe to drink and encourage people to come back in and enjoy what we have to offer."

Havelock North resident Kirsty Riddell said she also wanted to reiterate this message.

"It has happened and now it is over so we all need to forget about it and move on. We were sick with it but it has not stopped us from moving forward."

Business Association president, Sam Jackman said they had some "exciting" new initiatives being released this week to take the village in to summer.

"Today is just the start of our village promo as we strive to show everyone that the village is very much open for business."