Rolling fog disrupted a string of flights through Hawke's Bay Airport this morning.

"When it comes down to delays through the weather people are pretty understanding though," an Air New Zealand spokesman said.

The fog began rolling across Napier and the airport zone just before 7am with the service to Christchurch able to get away just in time.

However, as it thickened two further flights were boarded but passengers spent about an hour in their seats before there was a break in the fog allowing them to depart.


An in-bound flight from Auckland had to be sent back after circling for nearly 40 minutes waiting for a break which did not arrive.

"And that affected the subsequent out-bound scheduled flight," the spokesman said.
Just after 9am check-in was suspended as flights went on hold. "Until we can get a flight on the ground."

Conditions were being updated regularly and people scheduled to fly out from Hawke's Bay today were advised to check the arrivals and departures website which would be constantly updated.