Standing for integrity, honesty and change, a Crownthorpe resident is throwing his hat in the ring as a Hawke's Bay Regional Council candidate for the Ngaruroro ward.

Having lived in Hawke's Bay for more than 30 years, Dan Ross said he believed the region had a huge amount going for it, but was falling short in some areas.

"The decisions we make now are the key to [Hawke's Bay] being a fantastic place to live in the future," he said. "If we do it right, our environment and our people become the keys to our success."

He was standing as he felt the current council had not upheld the best interests of the region or its constituents.


This included the Ruataniwha dam process - which he said was "symptomatic of the current council and the processes it had used to push a preconceived agenda regardless of widespread public opinion".

With a lack of information, and public consultation meetings for residents, he said "the HBRC is employed to do its very best for the region and its residents - how can they do this if they are not listening or only listening to a select few".

Water quality was also an important issue for all Hawke's Bay residents - especially in light of the Havelock North water contamination. "Our water quality needs to be of a premium standard and we must strive to achieve this - HBRC, [Hastings District Council] and the community need to work together," he said.

Key issues included chlorination, companies drawing water for free, with Mr Ross urging greater research into the aquifers supplying the region.

If elected in October, he would strive to ensure council integrity was maintained by using transparent, and fair consultation processes. Council activities, and processes should not be a secret, he said.

"We need to create a council that is not afraid to show they have nothing to hide."

Open to new ideas, Mr Ross believed the council should hold quarterly open forum public meetings where people could air concerns and give feedback.

The council should also provide free guidance on matters constituents needed assistance with. He was also developing a social media platform for the Ngaruroro Ward where residents could share their opinions, and he could provide updates on council matters.

Mr Ross has worked in sales and the transport industry for the past 10 years, and lives in Crownthorpe with his partner and three children.