Up to 93 per cent of Dannevirke households are able to get faster and more reliable broadband and landlines with Spark's wireless broadband.

"That's nearly 3800 households," Sam Durbin, communications partner with Spark, said.

"Our wireless broadband runs over our 4G network and many people who've made the switch have found it both faster and more reliable," he said.

"Because it's over the mobile network, it's not susceptible to the same kinds of faults and issues traditional copper broadband is, particularly when the weather is wetter during the winter," he said.


"In terms of coverage, right now it looks like most of the Dannevirke township can get a pretty decent ADSL or VDSL connection and there are some pockets of faster speeds available around the west (along parts of Top Grass Rd) and to the northwest (around Smith, Armstrong and Umataoroa roads)," Durbin said.

"Compared to that, wireless is available in a pretty wide area. From our tower on Rule Rd we can cover almost as far north as Matamau, east of State Highway 2 to Tipapakuku Rd and across the Manawatu river up Weber Rd. In the south we can reach down to Kiritaki and parts of Kumeroa and in the west as far as near the ends of Kumeti Rd and Laws Rd."