A large tank of fresh water at Te Mata Four Square is providing clean hydration today for Havelock North residents.

Store owner Jayesh Uka said he did not like seeing people pay for water especially with the current situation at hand.

"People are struggling so it was nothing for us to offer free and fresh water that anyone could help themselves to."

The tank arrived yesterday and since then people had been stopping by regularly filling up large containers.


Havelock North resident Sophie Blokker saw the tank last night and came back today to fill up a large bottle. She said she thought the initiative by the store was a wonderful idea.

"Luckily I have not been affected yet but I know so many who have so I am being extra cautious," she said.

Fiona Francois also supported the idea and said it was an amazing piece of community spirit.
"It just shows us how kind people really are."

Mr Uka was happy the initiative had gone down so well with residents and was hoping to keep the tanker for a few more days.

"Four Square is community brand so we just want to give back in a time people need us most."

Havelock North High School and Te Mata Primary also have water available for residents and Havelock North High principal Greg Fenton said it had worked well.

"We have had lots of kids fill up their bottles, especially yesterday when we were still open."