Unison Networks is bringing in generators to help those weather-stricken customers who potentially face no power from the network for a couple of weeks.

"With access continuing to delay restoration, and more damage being uncovered, it looks like customers could be without power for a couple of weeks, and our network won't be fully repaired for about a month," said Relationship Manager, Danny Gough.

"Because of this, we made the call to bring in alternative supply so our customers can have power to get through while we carry out the repair work."

He said the Company would today be "deploying generation connected to the network so clusters of customers could get back on", as well as bringing in "smaller generators for home and farm owners" to supplement the already deployed generators by third parties.


"We are bringing in a shipment of smaller generators today, and will bring in more once we understand customer requirements. We are liaising directly and asking those who don't have alternative supply to get in touch with us."

The localised generators being brought in today are 5.5 kilowatts, which would give customers about 75 percent of their normal capacity.

"The restoration is going to be a sustained effort. We are going to throw all we can at it, but the damage is severe and it will take time. As we work through repairs, customers will, however, be progressively restored to the network."

It advised its rural customers' lines would be progressively restored as it works through repairs on the ground and is hopeful more will be back on after today's efforts.
The crews were back out on site today, working in what was challenging conditions in some areas.