Freedive world champion William Trubridge says tomorrow's 102 metre dive is not only a passion but "unfinished business".

At 7.40am, New Zealand time, the former Hawke's Bay man will plunge into a deep, dark hole in the Bahamas, attempting a world record.

It is being touted as the "sequel" to his initial 102 metre attempt back on December 2, 2014 where he diced with death and failed to set a world record.

He had to pull out of the dive just 10 metres from the surface on the return journey, grabbing a guide rope and nodding to his support divers to help him.


The 35-year-old said he knew he was about to black out and did so for several seconds when he broke the surface.

Vertical Blue's media officer Francesca Koe, who witnessed the first attempt said he missed it "by just a hair".

The diver has already conquered the 102 metre depth in recent practices ahead of tomorrow's attempt. But the intensity of the occasion is heightened by expectations and broadcasting pressure, "we are all hopeful and on pins and needles for a positive outcome," Ms Koe said.
"It's a very exciting time and we are all rooting for William."

The diver has been training for the Steinlager Live Dive for more than a year.
"This attempt at a World Record Freedive to 102 meters unassisted is not just a passion, it unfinished business for me," Mr Trubridge said.

TV One will screen the attempt live at 7.4am tomorrow.